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Non-surgical treatments for rectal hemorrhoids

Traitement hemorroides lyon


Non-surgical alternative inradiologyintervention for thetreatmentof thehemorrhoidsatLyons

What is hemorrhoid embolization also called emborrhoid?

Embolization of hemorrhoids through the rectal arteriesLyonsis a minimally invasive, image-guided alternative totreatmentsurgicalhemorrhoids.


Thehemorrhoidsaffect nearly 5% of the population in France. Thehemorrhoidsinternal organs can cause chronic pain, bleeding and prolapse. In 90% of cases, medical treatment is sufficient (hygieno-dietetic measures, venotonics, photocoagulation or rubber band ligation).

But sometimes it is necessary to intervene surgically by rectal route (hemorrhoidectomy, hemorrhoidopexy or ligation by HAL-doppler).


Embolization of the superior rectal arteries feeding the hemorrhoidal plexus is a minimally invasive, image-guided alternative to surgical treatments.

How is hemorrhoid embolization performed?


The treatment takes place on an outpatient basisLyonsfor an immediate resumption of activity (no convalescence).

It is practiced by ainterventional radiologistexpert in handling micro-catheters and in an interventional radiology room under local anesthesiaembolizationbeing completely painless.

The anesthesia is done on the right femoral artery or the artery of the left wrist or is carried out a simple puncture. From this simple puncture, the radiologist will guide micro-catheters into the artery of the lower abdomen, the inferior mesenteric artery, to recognize the superior rectal arteries there. Once the micro catheter is in place in these arteries, it will embolize them (block them) as close as possible to the hemorrhoidal plexus using small metal springs called coils.

Embolizationitself is painless.


Once the upper rectal arteries have been embolized, the puncture is removed to make way for a pressure bandage or inflatable bracelet, and you remain under surveillance for 2 to 6 hours.



Artèriographie artère mèsentèrique supérieure

Artèriographie artère mèsentèrique supérieure

Après une simple ponction de l'artère du poignet endormie par anesthésie locale, le radiologue interventionnel guide un cathéter jusque dans l'artère du bas des intestins, l'artère mésentérique supérieure.

Plexus hémorroïdes

Plexus hémorroïdes

Il repère ainsi les artères rectales supérieures qui alimentent les hémorroïdes.

Embolisation des artères rectales supérieures

Embolisation des artères rectales supérieures

Embolisation des artères rectales supérieures au plus près des hémorroïdes à l'aide de coïls (petites boules de métal). Fin du traitement, bracelet de compression sur le point de ponction radial pendant 1h et le patient peut rentrer chez lui.


Le Dr Charles Mastier est fondateur d'Embolyon votre premier centre dédié à l'embolisation. Apprenez en plus sur l'emborroïde ci-dessous! 


How effective is hemorrhoid embolization?


thetreatmentrelieves 60 to 80% of symptoms with an onset of action of 3 weeks.

It is not painful and does not include any passage through the rectum which remains without a scar.

It is imperfect since there is a 2-year recurrence rate of approximately 30%. 


Reference: Tradi F and co: Emborrhoid: treatment of hemorrhoids by embolization of the rectal arteries [Emborrhoid: Rectal arteries embolization for hemorrhoid treatment]. Med Press. 2019 Y

In case of insufficient treatment or recurrence that cannot be embolized again, rectal surgery is always possible.


Comparative studies of hemorrhoid embolization with endorectal surgical treatments are in progress.

You want to know more?

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Video of the excellent Pr Vidal, inventor of the technique in Marseille!

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