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Traitements prostate, cancer, douleur, Lyon, Rhone-Alpes Auvergne

Interventional Radiology in Lyon

The interventional radiologistis a physician specializing in Lyon in the treatment of minimally invasive diseases guided by imaging.

Thanks to the different devices of radiology installed in the operating room (X-ray, Scanner, ConeBeam-CT, Ultrasound, MRI and PET fusion), it can precisely visualize the diseased part inside the body. 

The interventional radiologist  in Lyon then intervenes by guiding miniaturized instruments inside the body (micro-catheters, needles), without having to make an incisionwithout surgery, without scar.

He then goes precisely treat the disease, still under the control of imagery.



Prostate - Fibroids - Hemorrhoids - Varicose 


Interventional Oncology

Treatment of cancer and metastases


Back and joint pain

Compression - Osteoarthritis - Tendinitis 

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