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On the way to the mini invasive!

interventional oncologyis a real new speciality, which brings together all theminimally invasive treatmentsguided by imagery in thetreatment of cancer or its symptoms.


Many patients can now benefit from a minimally invasive approach to destroy tumors on different organs without having to open the body by surgery. Imaging makes it possible to locate the tumor in the body, and the interventional radiologist will guide miniaturized tools towards it in order, for example, to inject a product there, or to destroy it with a burn._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

The indications are always confirmed in a multidisciplinary consultation meeting in the presence of pathology specialists (oncologist, surgeon, interventional radiologist, radiotherapist).


theinterventional radiologistis also involved in patient follow-up to place venous access for treatment (implantable chamber, picc line) or to relieve symptoms, particularly in the event of painful metastases.

Finally, it intervenes on benign tumours, without vital risk for the patient but often disabling in daily life (desmoid tumour, vascular malformation, etc.). 


Radiofrequency, Microwaves,


Radio-embolization (SIRT)

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